What is The Heights Mission Endowment Fund?

For decades, The Heights has had a rich history as a missionally focused church. Those who have gone before us have instilled a foundational value of serving both locally and abroad.


With that in mind, The Heights Missions Endowment has been created. This is a permanent fund established through gifts and donations to broaden our financial support in order to take the gospel to our community and the world.


Money contributed to this fund (the principle) is invested and only the earnings are used to further the missional goals of The Heights. Through this effort it is our dream to see our legacy of missional prominence continue for generations to come.

How will this Fund Be Used?

The Heights Missions Team has identified four areas that these funds are being directed towards:


  • Crossroads Ministries
    The Heights Crossroads includes the many local ministry opportunities where we are actively taking the gospel to our community. Whether that would be serving in Park Central, investing in our neighbors and coworkers, befriending the international student new to the area or advocating for those in need, we are passionate about caring for our community.
  • Global Partners
    The Heights supports dozens of Global Partners who are taking the gospel to unreached people groups throughout the world. These funds will be used to support and encourage these families.
  • Church Planting
    The Heights Missions Team has established a church planting process that enables us to actively be a part of a new church plant each year. It is our dream that we will always be a church that is multiplying- disciple-makers, making disciple-makers.
  • Send Us Out
    The Heights Missions Team wants to enable as many people as possible to experience the life changing opportunity of living on mission. With these funds, we will help send out our people locally, on short-term trips, and hopefully even some who will commit to a lifetime of sharing the hope of Jesus Christ.

How Do I Contribute?

There are many ways to give to the Endowment. Two general categories of giving are gifts and bequests.

Gifts include money, stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments given during the lifetime of the donor. Gifts may also be given as a way to remember or honor loved ones or commemorate special events, especially those in the life of the church (baptisms, marriages, etc.). Gifts of all sizes are welcome.

Bequests or planned gifts include the arrangement of a donor’s will or trust where funds are given at the time of the donors passing.


How Can I Get More Information?

To ask further questions, please visit the Missions Center in Atrium at The Heights on Sunday or contact us below.

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