His Mission. My Crossroad.

When we gather for Worship and Life Groups, it is for the purpose of equipping us to fulfill our mission:

Taking personal risks to bring the Gospel to every relationship.

In order for everyone to live on mission together, we have identified six personal Crossroads, providing clarity and a road map for getting started. These Crossroads are naturally occurring areas of life where you already spend a significant amount of time, which allows every member the opportunity to participate!

Consider identifying at least one of these areas as a personal ministry Crossroad:

Initiating relationships with those that lives closest to us
Reaching out to those you interact with regularly in your work environment
Cultivating relationships with those involved in your children’s extracurriculars
Engaging with the Hispanic-American families in an area south of The Heights
Stepping out to serve the foreign students who are new to the United States
Giving a voice to those who are marginalized in our community

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