This event has been planned with you in mind. Our pastoral staff and preschool staff are partnering to help you begin a Faith Plan for your child. This begins with dedicating yourself, as a parent, to raise your child to know and love God.


We are honored to partner with you from the very beginning of your journey as parents. We want to be a consistent source of encouragement, strength, and resources as you raise your child to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Celebration will begin at 9:15 in The Brick on the day of Dedication with a gathering of families and staff. This special time will include a presentation of your child, a prayer for you as parents and a celebration with refreshments.   The Dedication will continue as we move together to the Worship Center for a 10:50 prayer time with the whole church.

Our next Dedication date will be scheduled for the Fall of 2020.

Please contact Laura Kohutek with any questions or concerns.

In an effort to maintain consistency at all Parent Dedication opportunities, the Pastoral Staff and Preschool Ministry of The Heights will follow the below guidelines when making decisions about participation in special circumstances.

Single Parents

  • There is no minimum parent age for participation.
  • A couple that is not cohabitating and want to dedicate their child together – may participate if they both fulfill requirements to participate.
  • A teen parent is living with parents (child’s grandparents) and all 3 want to participate – The parent only may participate. This is a Parent Dedication. Grandparents can participate in congregational covenant.
  • Couple is cohabitating and only one person wants to dedicate – this is not permitted.


  • Want to participate and plan to marry – exception will be made if wedding date is set.
  • Want to participate and no plans to marry – this is not permitted.

Divorced or Separated

  • Want to participate together- yes, this will be permitted with a personal meeting to make sure both are intending to make commitment and to confirm there is no friction.
  • If only one Parent wants to participate – yes.

Foster Child

  • Before adoption – not recommended, but can make exception if they are in formal process.

Maximum Age

  • Maximum age of child being dedicated – preschool age.
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