Prayer Walk in Your Communities 

You may have noticed increased activities in your neighborhood during this time of Shelter-in-Place. This has created opportunities to reach your neighbors in new and fresh ways. We would like to invite you to intentionally prayer walk your neighborhood as we continue the process of waking our neighborhoods up to Jesus.   

Would you join us in prayer walking? If so, please click on the link below. We would like to get some additional information from you so that we can communicate with you effectively.     

Prayer Walking Form 


Each week we will send a weekly update with some stories of how others are reaching out to their neighbors and how you can continue to pray. In addition, we can connect you with those in your neighborhood that are prayer walking so that you can encourage each other.   

Use this document as a resource while you prayer walk. We believe the Lord will bless us richly as we lift up the name of Jesus, block by block.  


Join us in daily prayer! Only God moves mountains, but prayer moves God.  Let’s be a people of prayer.  We are launching a 24 hour prayer chain during this time of quarantine due to COVID-19.

On August 27, 1727, twenty-four men and twenty-four women agreed to spend an hour each day in scheduled prayer, covering all twenty-four hours in the day, seven days a week. On this day the Moravian Prayer Ministry was birthed.  This idea soon grew, and the practice of continual prayer went on non-stop for more than one hundred years.

During this time we feel called to heed the example of the Moravians and begin a 24 prayer chain that will run continuously during this season. We are asking you to sign up for 1 hour (or more) each week and pray wherever you are. Each week, you will dedicate your scheduled hour to prayer.

We encourage you to pray for the following as we, together, walk through this unprecedented time:
  • Local, City, State and National Leaders.
  • Educators and administrators.
  • Church Leaders – Your staff leadership.
  • Those families affected with the COVID-19 virus.
  • God will bring an end to the spread of this virus.
  • Church would rise up and shine bright.
  • Your Neighborhood.


Last Updated: April 8, 2020

As you partner with us in prayer, feel free to utilize this PRAYER GUIDE to structure your time.

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The Altar Prayer Team prays for those who need prayer for any reason at the end of a weekend service and at designated special events. It is an opportunity to serve and love people by interceding for and standing with others in times of need. They refer people to follow-up care while respecting and protecting their confidentiality.



The Weekend Service Prayer Team meets prior to the first weekend service to pray for all that happens in the building on that day.



The ministry of the Home Prayer Team is to take the requests that come in through our weekend services, email or phone calls and to intercede, contend and declare the word of God over these individuals for spiritual, physical or financial breakthrough.

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