How to become a Preschoolers at The Heights volunteer

You, too, can be a part of the excitement of our preschool ministry. Adults may serve in various positions such as:

  • A GREETER is stationed at one of the entries to Preschoolers at The Heights each Sunday morning.
  • A CHECK-IN ASSISTANT helps at the reception desk to check families into their appropriate classrooms.
  • A TRANSLATOR helps in several of the classrooms with our non-English speaking friends.
  • A TEACHER serves in a specific room with a specific group of children. A teacher may serve on a full-time basis or on a rotating basis with other teachers for the room. The teacher needs to know and understand the capabilities of the age group with which they work.
  • AN INTRODUCTORY SKIT LEADER connects the lives of the children to the Bible so that learning is relevant.
  • A STORYTELLER tells the story in words that preschoolers understand using the Bible and props.
  • A WORSHIP LEADER allows and encourages preschoolers to openly express their love for who God is and to praise Him for all He has created.

How to become a Preschoolers at The Heights volunteer

To better prepare you to serve in Preschoolers at The Heights, a preparation process has been developed. The following are steps to this process:

  • Completion of the required VOLUNTEER APPLICATION form. This includes a background check release form and a request for six references. This form must be completed, signed and returned to the Preschool Desk.
  • The adopted POLICY HANDBOOK of the Preschool Ministry must be read. After reading the policies, the AGREEMENT FORM promising to abide by these policies needs to be signed and returned to the Preschool Desk.
  • In addition, the Preschoolers at THE HEIGHTS TRAINING VIDEO (located directly above these requirements) must be viewed before an applicant is placed in a classroom to teach. The ANSWER FORM must be completed and returned to the Preschool Desk.
  • Child Abuse Prevention Training – Our Child Abuse Prevention Training is offered at multiple times each fall. If you miss training, you can request an online session by emailing All Heights volunteers serving with minors must have this training every two years.
  • Finally, after meeting with an administrative staff person, the applicant will become an official volunteer in Preschoolers at The Heights.


Thank you for your interest in Preschoolers at The Heights. To better prepare you, please allow us to help you find the perfect place to serve! Simply submit the form below and one of our coordinators will contact you to discuss the many opportunities in this vibrant ministry.

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